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The J-Pop Exchange for Saturday, March 28, 2015


  Michiaki Watanabe Exclusive Interview Part 1: Sentai Series  

Celebrate the 7th anniversary of The J-Pop Exchange with all-new music from Gille's
all-new CD which features great covers of your favorite anime songs!
Plus, enjoy great compositions from Chumei Watanabe (Michiaki Watanabe) in addition to an exclusive interview with Mr. Watanabe. A Legendary, prolific composer, Mr. Watanabe has scored Japanese TV anime and live action programming for over the past 50 years.
We'll also highlight some of the best music and moments from our show as we reflect on the past 7 years of The J-Pop Exchange!

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Exclusive Interviews Coming Soon: 

Chumei Watanabe
(Michiaki Watanabe)
Legendary, prolific composer who is responsible for many classic, highly regarded scores in the industry.
Noriyuki Iwadare Dynamic composer who served as co-composer for Kid Icarus: Uprising and composer of the Lunar and Grandia series.