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Our exclusive radio interview with Masato Koike is now available online!
The J-Pop Exchange for Saturday, October 18, 2014


Explore the club scene in Japan with Tokyo Live House forJune 2014!

Enjoy great music in anticipation of Halloween! We'll also have the latest from T.M. Revolution. Plus explore the indie music scene in Japan with
Tokyo Live House for October 2014!

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Exclusive Interviews Coming Soon: 

  Hajime Mizoguchi Hajime Mizoguchi (溝口 肇) J-Pop Exchange Exclusive Interview (Coming later this October)
Highly regarded cellist/composer known for his work in the movies Jin-Roh The Wolf Brigade and Escaflowne.  Recently released collections of his own music, Cello Bouquet and For Sleepless Night.
Chumei Watanabe
(Michiaki Watanabe)
(Coming March 2015) Legendary, prolific composer who is responsible for many classic, highly regarded scores in the industry.
Noriyuki Iwadare Dynamic composer who served as co-composer for Kid Icarus: Uprising and composer of the Lunar and Grandia series.