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The J-Pop Exchange: April 29 - May 12 2023 Playlist

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Kazuo Ohtani w/ After Practice (from Glass Mask)
Kazuo Ohtani w/ Sweet Love (from Glass Mask)
Shogun w/ I Should Have Known Better
Shogun w/ Yesterday, Today And Tomorrow
The Bawdies w/ Good Lovin' (Cover - Original by The Rascals)
The Bawdies w/ Daddy Rolling Stone (Cover - Original by The Who)
Kohei Tanaka w/ Musical Selections from Madö King Granzört

Segment 2: Stream This Segment

Kaho Kidoguchi w/ We Are Pac-Man (English Version)
Shogun w/ As Easy As you Make It
Shogun w/ Sailor Sailor
Shogun w/ Margarita
Shogun w/ Bad City
Shogun w/ Lonely Man

Segment 3: Stream This Segment

The Bawdies w/ Whip It On Me (Cover - Original by Jessie Hill)
Ryo Watanabe (from The Bawdies) w/ Little Girl
Ryo Watanabe (from The Bawdies) w/ Rosie
The Bawdies w/ I Got You (I Feel Good) (Cover - Original by James Brown)
The Bawdies w/ Because (Cover - Original by Dave Clark [Dave Clark 5])
The Bawdies w/ I’m Down (Cover - Original by John Lennon & Paul McCartney)
Ryo Watanabe (from The Bawdies) w/ Shake It Baby
Ryo Watanabe (from The Bawdies) w/ Keep On Trying
The Bawdies w/ Mess Around (Cover - Original by Ahmet Ertegum)
The Bawdies w/ Tutti Frutti (Cover - Original by Little Richard & Dorothy LaBostrie)
The Bawdies w/ Dig The Buzz

Segment 4: Stream This Segment

Monkey Majik w/ Running In The Dark
Gille w/ Contrail
Gille w/ Fall in Love
Gille w/ Rock 'n' Roll Widow
Gille w/ Roppongi Shinju
Gille w/ Diamonds
Gille w/ Wanted