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  The J-Pop Exchange: Saturday, January 1 & 8, 2022 Playlist

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The Bawdies w/ Let's Go Back
The Bawdies w/ I’m Your Home
The Bawdies w/ Easy Girl
The Bawdies w/ Higher
The Bawdies w/ Blues God
The Bawdies w/ She's My Rock'N'Roll
The Bawdies w/ Skippin' Stones

Segment 2: Stream This Segment

One OK Rock w/ Always Coming Back
One OK Rock w/ Cry Out
One OK Rock w/ Re:Make
One OK Rock w/ Be The Light
One OK Rock w/ 20 Years Old
One OK Rock w/ Clock Strikes

Segment 3: Stream This Segment

Tokyo Running style w/ Eye of the Tiger
Tokyo Running style w/ Born to be Wild
Tokyo Running style w/ Physical
Tokyo Running style w/ Sex and The City Theme
Tokyo Running style w/ We Will Rock You
Tokyo Running style w/ Virtual Insanity

Segment 4: Stream This Segment

One OK Rock w/ Mighty Long Fall
One OK Rock w/ Deeper Deeper
One OK Rock w/ Let's Take It Someday
One OK Rock w/ The Same As...
One OK Rock w/ C.h.a.o.s.m.y.t.h.

The Bawdies w/ Stars

The Bawdies Section #11 Music Sample & Behind The Scenes