The J-Pop Exchange - Playlist for 11/13/21 & 11/20/21
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 The J-Pop Exchange: Saturday, November 13 & 20, 2021 Playlist

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The Bawdies w/ Good Lovin' (Cover - Original by The Rascals)
Gille w/ Contrail)
Gille w/ Fall in Love)
Gille w/ Rock 'n' Roll Widow
Gille w/ Roppongi Shinju
Gille w/ Diamonds
Gille w/ Wanted

Segment 2: Stream This Segment

Gille w/ Lover
Gille w/ Station
Gille w/ Toshishita no Otokonoko
Gille w/ Love Does Not Stop
Gille w/ I Love you, SAYONARA
Bliss w/ Angel Right to Me
Irene w/ Dream Away

Segment 3: Stream This Segment

Akeboshi w/ Usual Life
Akeboshi w/ Beat the Snow
The Bawdies w/ Somebody Help Me
Akeboshi w/ Tiny Rainbow
Akeboshi w/ Drifting Sounds
Akeboshi w/ Fragments of Memory
Akeboshi w/ Meltwater
Akeboshi w/ Shadow Of The Wind

Segment 4: Stream This Segment

Akeboshi w/ Break the Spell
Akeboshi w/ Kumori Yozora
Akeboshi w/ Yume No Naka
Akeboshi w/ Standing On the Line
Akeboshi w/ Messed Up Mind
Akeboshi w/ Wind
Akeboshi w/ Akikaze Uta (Song of Autumn Wind)
The Bawdies w/ Daddy Rolling Stone (Cover - Original by The Who)