Off The Beaten Path In Japan - By Yaz Ketcherside
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Off The Beaten Path In Japan

By Yaz Ketcherside for The J-Pop Exchange

First, second, or eighth time to Japan? Here are five unique, off the beaten path places in Japan that you must experience.

Ryusendo Cave is one of three great limestone caves in all of Japan. The limestone cave is estimated a little over 3 miles and throughout these 3 miles are 8 underground lakes. Throughout the cave, there are public elevated walkways, bridges, and stairs.

Into trains? You can enjoy a Japanese antique train trip with a beautiful view of the Oi River on the Oigawa Railway. A little over 20 miles, this train trip allows you to experience the classic carriages imported from abroad and gives you a sense of the past.

A fan of nature and all its beauty? Check out the Akame 48 Waterfalls. With a 2.5-mile-long river winding its way throughout the forest depositing water to more than 48 waterfalls, you can hike in and around the waterfalls. Not only is the sound of the waterfalls soothing to the mind, but you can enjoy it year-round!

If you admire sacred places or enjoy the sights of Japanese Buddhism, you must check out Koyasan or Mt. Koya in Wakayama. This has been home to Japanese Buddhism for more than 1,000 years and holds some of Japan’s more significant religious figures. It is highly recommended that you do an overnight stay at a temple where you can further understand what like a monk looks like by eating vegetarian cuisine and attending morning prayer.

Forget the cat cafes in Tokyo, head out to an entire island filled with cats! On this island, the Aoshima Island, cats outnumber humans six to one. Yeah, the term ‘outnumber’ might be an understatement.



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